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Understanding GST on Home Construction

GST on home construction

Since the home construction industry is not organized; plot owners find it challenging to decide whether building a home themselves will save them GST or hiring professionals such as architects or interior designers or hiring a single builder such as Prithu Homes for turnkey home construction will save them the GST amount.

We at Prithu Homes are not only working towards home construction but we are also working to make the life of plot owners easy by guiding them through all the essential steps of the home building journey. If you want to avail our free of cost consultation regarding quote comparison or any other facility from our expert team please click here.

So, what will cost you more GST?

It has been observed that many plot owners have developed an idea that building a home through a builder will lead to double taxation. They believe that the builder will charge them GST for the purchase of material and will charge extra GST additionally in the final invoice. So, plot owners believe they may have to pay GST twice.

In the case of professional builders

The above statement is not true in the case of professional builders such as Prithu Homes. So, when you are dealing with professional builders, you can be assured that you wouldn’t be charged any extra GST. Why? - Because professional builders such as Prithu Homes maintain accounts diligently and professionally; thus when we charge the plot owners GST while purchasing material; we adjust it from the GST we charge the clients in the invoice. Thus, through this measure, no extra GST is charged from the client. Hence no extra cost.

In the case of small builders

However, the case with small builders may be different. Because most of the time; small builders say that GST is extra when the plot owners ask for an invoice. Thus, these builders are either not maintaining accurate accounting records and filing properly or they are charging extra GST from the clients.

So, how should plot owners decide?

Being the largest builder in Delhi; Prithu Homes has done wide research on whether building a home yourself will be cost-saving for plot owners or building it through a builder will save money. To know more about this please click here.

So, now the next crucial step is to analyze and select the builder for your dream home. Plot owners need to look out for builders who have accurate and professionally documented accounting records so that they know they are not charged extra GST or any other additional cost.

To know more about how GST plays a role in home construction and how you can minimize your overall cost please contact us at or schedule a meeting with us.


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