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Strategies to reduce energy consumption costs in Homes

reduce energy consumption costs in homes

Good architecture is the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality, which is why the best builders will aim for a design that is both economic and sustainable while being pleasing to the eye. When talking of an economically feasible approach, especially in the case of home designs, it is important to consider not only the construction costs which are a one-time investment but also the recurring running costs of a building that can only grow with time and the increasing use of energy-consuming gadgets and appliances in homes today.

When buying a new car, one not only considers the features of the car, its maker and model, but also the estimated maintenance and upkeep of the car, its mileage, servicing costs, and so on. And for example, while diesel models cost more at the purchase point, the cost/distance leads to gains in the long run. Similarly, when designing a house, a good builder will keep in mind the electricity and water consumption costs and aim for a scheme that might require a slightly higher initial investment but would reduce these recurring costs to a minimum without compromising the comfort of the occupants or the aesthetic appeal of the building.

There are several ways to guarantee lower running costs. Smart planning after adequate research on site climatic conditions, wind, rain and sun patterns will lead up to a design with the right orientation and position of openings to improve cross-ventilation and allow desirable natural light.

This reduces the costs associated with air-conditioners and unnecessary lighting. Another very important factor is the choice of materials. The best builders will use materials like AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) over the more traditional brick as it has several advantages, including better heat insulation, fire-proof and mould-proof structures with considerably lower greenhouse gas emissions making it a healthier home environment. The right choice of roof insulators can also greatly minimise the heat absorbed by the building, reducing the need to artificially cool the indoor spaces.

Investing in renewable energy sources is the call of the hour, not only because it is a more environmental approach but also because they ensure long-term cost benefits. In hot sunny areas like New Delhi, solar panels are an ideal alternative for generating energy for your household consumption and solar water heaters can eliminate the need of electrical geysers in your home. The viability of solar power is only increasing with time as more local players enter the market creating competitive pricing. Also, with your own solar panels and a reliable battery, one never has to suffer through a power cut again.

At Prithu, we make it our priority to not just sell homes but also to collect satisfied customers. In order to achieve this goal, we adopt several of these discussed methods. Aside from carefully planning your home with reference to the climatic factors, as a matter of policy, we opt for AAC Blocks because it creates naturally cooler indoor spaces with lesser risks associated with fire and damp hazards for the occupant in the long run. We also encourage the use of solar power and help you estimate your energy requirement and design your solar needs accordingly. So book a design consultation with Prithu and discover how to reduce your electricity bills without compromising on your lifestyle.


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